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 Unlocking CreativityTM  & Building Trust


A senior executive tool that raises profits

  • Increases problem-solving
  • Enhances lateral thinking
  • Creates mutual vulnerability & trust
  • Provides the lubricant for success
  • Drives productivity and profit


 Unlocking Creativity 

 transforming boards & senior executives into high performing teams


By enhancing their ability to link right-brain/left-brain thinking simultaneously, bringing Whole-Brain Thinking to the decision-making process, to problem-solving, bottom-line, cash flow.

In a half-day or full day workshop, your executives will be shown how to access focused, 'Whole-Brain Thinking', with left brain/right brain working together on workplace issues.  By connecting logical thinking on the one side, with inspirational thinking on the other, executive performance becomes highly effective, by opening themselves willingly to each other in a unique non-confrontational way

 “you can’t solve a problem using the same kind of thinking that created it” – Albert Einstein.

Unlocking Creativity is the brain-child of  business coach David Adams,  who  utilises his skills as a Performance Poet in these interactive workshops to unlock the innate creativity and innovative abilities of your senior executives, and strengthen their abilities to forge links between all parts of the brain.

Why Poetry?  Because poetry uniquely combines  structured thinking with creativity, and it is this combination that elevates senior executives to high-achieving,  high-performance teams.


Phone or e mail:    +447971 267157   info@unlockingcreativity.com


"Of the many courses that I have attended over the last 30 years this was one of the most inspirational and uplifting"

Tony Llewellyn, Executive Director, Davis Langdon

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