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Why take your teams away for a whole weekend's time and expense when David Adams can Transform Top Teams in as little as 180 minutes?

There is a substantial body of literature documenting the research that has been done to establish that creativity and innovation lead to an improved bottom line. David Adams has developed a workshop to help teams unlock their creativity feeding directly to improved profitability and thus greater profits for their companies. Indeed, the World Economic Forum at Davos claimed that Creativity would be one of the three most important skills for business over the next few years.

David Adams is a business coach and an international performance poet; facilitator of CEO think tanks; a chartered accountant, a former stockbroker, corporate financier and CEO; interim managing director, business consultant; venture capitalist and non-executive director. He is a director of the Hampstead Theatre, London.


To identify the very essence, the real core of individual issues
To create a springboard for action
To aid communication
To increase the bottom line and drive free cash flow
To Unlock Your Creativity
To Unlock Your Teams' Creativity
To develop vulnerability leading to trust and profit


For senior management teams (including executive committees and boards) to be really productive and effective they need to be able to indulge in dynamic and constructive debate.

The way that they can best do this is if they are absolutely open and trusting with each other. To be in a position of absolute trust needs a mechanism to allow people to use their emotional intelligence in a free and natural manner by allowing them to open up in a completely safe and un-threatening environment.

Unlocking Creativity opens up all parts of the 
brain to enable whole brain thinking. It uses Ethos Logos and Pathos and thus it removes the conundrum that "you can't solve a problem using the same kind of thinking that created it." Albert Einstein.

Recent articles in the Financial Times and the Harvard Business Review have highlighted the importance of being able to welcome criticism and how keeping quiet often leads to (unproductive) conflict in work situations.

Attendance at one Unlocking CreativityTM workshop will virtually guarantee the results you need by transforming your team into a cohesive, energetic, enthusiastic and effective body. Discover what's behind the hidden pane in the Johari Window - hidden from oneself and hidden from others.

Why pay a fortune to take your team away for the weekend when it can all be achieved in 180 minutes?


The core of this workshop is a high intensity, high value, interactive session tailored to the needs of the participants. It is mainly used as a precursor to deep issue working and/or coaching and thus is invaluable in transforming teams and individuals into outstanding performance units.

If you are prepared to  break through the standard thinking processes, this session can deliver profound results.

Format & Timing: (Tailored to your needs and time available)

Introductions and positioning: 30 minutes
Transformation workshop: 90 - 150 minutes
This can be a "stand-alone" module or part of other training
Deep issue working/coaching: 2 to 3 hours
Full day totally interactive session

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"I was genuinely surprised at how effective the process was at surfacing deep personal issues... Different and enlightening." Strategy & Leadership Consultant, Glen Daley.